Express 220 S2 and Express 332 Complete Changeover Procedures

How Automatic Adjustments Speed Bar Feeder Changeovers

The Hydrobar Express 220 S2 and Hydrobar Express 332 S2 like all LNS automatic magazine bar feeders include many design features that make changeovers fast and easy. Click "read more" below to see exactly how complete changeovers take 8 minutes or less.


Critical Thinking

5 Steps to More Critical Thinking

Whether an employer or employee, a CNC machine programmer or OEM salesperson, your ultimate level of success depends on critical thinking skills.


Express 220 S2 and Express 332 Front Rest Changeover Video

At Your Service: Easy Front Rest Changeover for Express 220 S2 & Express 332 S2

LNS bar feeders are designed and built for reliability and fast, easy changeovers. The Hydrobar Express 220 S2 and Express 332 S2 front rest changeover video is one of a series of video service tips that walk the viewer through each step of changeover procedures or other actions, in real time.


Mist Collectors

How a Growing Manufacturing Company Embraces Technology to Stay on Top

An enduring myth about manufacturing is that workers labor in dirty, often unhealthy environments. The fact is, today’s modern manufacturing facilities tend to be neat, clean and ergonomically designed for worker safety. 


Bar Feeders

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Bar Feeders

Not all bar feeders are created equal, nor are the companies that sell them. Read answers to often asked questions about bar feeders. 


Does Your Cell Phone Put Your CNC Shop at Risk?

Does Your Cell Phone Put Your CNC Shop at Risk?

Protecting computer systems and inter-machine communications is vitally important, but your cell phone could be a weak link.


5 Ways to Improve Your Use of Time

5 Ways to Improve Your Use of Time

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of the workday and – although we’ve been in constant motion – we didn’t get nearly as much done as we’d hoped. It’s frustrating and downright discouraging.


LNS Lights-out production, unattended production, IIoT

5 Ways to Prepare for Lights-Out Production

Recent advances in bar feeder technology and the growth of inter-machine communications make lights out production for turning applications more attractive and viable than ever before.


LNS Steady Rest

See how an LNS Automatic Workholding System Saves Production and Time

A steady rest is often the best solution for machining a workpiece whose length and stiffness makes it difficult to machine without distortion or deflection.


Chip Conveyors

7 Ways a 3D Chip Conveyor Saves Time & Money

Using an automatic, continuous 3D disc-type chip conveyor means never having to empty a chip hopper again.


Avoiding Conflict

4 Steps to Resolving Conflicts with Employees, Customers, and Others

Most of us would rather avoid conflict with others whenever possible. However, there are times in our work lives when we find ourselves at odds with a customer, a fellow employee or our higher ups. If we’re not careful, tensions can escalate and we end up in a no-win situation.


American Manufacturing Debunked

5 Myths About American Manufacturing Debunked

Politicians and other special interests regularly bemoan the decline of American manufacturing. Naturally these statements may resonate with someone who has been personally touched by job loss or business failure.


New, Affordable & Compact Solution to Loading Bar Diameters as Small as 0.8 mm

LNS has long been the industry leader for reliably loading very small bar stock. With the new GT 112-E automatic magazine bar feeder, LNS takes the capability to the next level while significantly reducing the required floor space.


3D printing, improving productivity

How 3D Printers Can Improve Your Metal Cutting Processes

3D models can be a useful tool for refining your manufacturing processes to reduce cost-per-part.


Industry 4.0

Why Industry 4.0 Matters

It’s more than a buzzword. Industry 4.0 means big changes for manufacturers and manufacturing equipment providers.


Oil mist collectors, oil/coolant mist collectors

Oil/Coolant Mist Collector Technologies: What You Need to Know

The methods oil/coolant mist collectors use to trap airborne particles greatly impact performance. An LNS white paper explains the differences.


LNS bar feeders, bar feeders

7 Ways Today's Bar Feeders Help You Work Smarter

Bar feeders have evolved from simple loading devices into smart machines that enable faster and more cost-effective manufacturing.


Women in Manufacturing

The Need for Women in Manufacturing & How to Find Them 

Women make up only 29% of the manufacturing workforce.  Read more about what you can do to improve the situation.


Interconnectivity, IIoT, LNS bar feeders, Okuma CNC

Interconnectivity Reduces Material & Labor Costs for Family-Owned CNC Shop

A CNC turning machine and LNS bar feeder sharing information enabled this manufacturer to cost-effectively bring a new product to market.


Preventative maintenance, LNS parts and service

Why You Need a Preventative Maintenance Program & How to Get Started

Want to save money, reduce production delays and keep your machines running longer? Preventative maintenance is the ounce of prevention you need.


Chip conveyors, LNS chip conveyors

5 Questions to Help You Find the Right Chip Conveyor

Choosing the right kind of chip conveyor can mean the difference between worry-free production and constant headaches. Read more on what you need to know.


finding the right manufacturing talent today while developing tomorrow’s workforce?

7 Ways to Find the Right Employee

Throughout the country, manufacturers struggle to find qualified employees. Read more about 7 suggestions for improving your odds.


The cost of manufacturing equipment ownership

What is the Real Cost of Owning Manufacturing Equipment?

There’s a big difference between purchase price and total cost of owning CNC machines and accessories. "Read more" on the tips that can help you achieve your best ROI.


3 Manufacturing Trends to Watch

3 Manufacturing Trends to Watch

Fads have a short lifespan, but advancements in manufacturing technology that continue to evolve and gain increasing traction are trends that should not be ignored.


7 Reasons to Add a Steady Rest System to Your Turning Machine

7 Reasons to Add a Steady Rest System to Your Turning Machine

There are times when a simple clamping device provides all the support you need to successfully machine a workpiece. However, if you’re not getting the desired results, you may need an automatic work holding system that includes a steady rest.


5 Ways to Motivate Millennial Workers

5 Ways to Motivate Millennial Workers

Born between 1980 and 2000, the Millennial generation was raised in a much different world than were many manufacturing shop owners and supervisors. These generational differences sometimes make it difficult for managers and their Millennial employees to understand each other’s behavior.


LNS America 12-Foot Automatic Bar Feeds

Why A Contract CNC Shop Bought 100 Bar Feeders

When you’re a successful machine shop that cranks out high volume, close tolerance parts for medical, automotive and defense industries, you can’t take chances when buying new equipment. That’s why one CNC shop decided to hold auditions for the work cells it needed to fulfill a long-time customer’s new parts order.


4 ways you can keep machine operators safe & healthy

4 Ways You Can Keep Machine Operators Safe & Healthy

A healthy workforce reduces absenteeism, helps contain medical costs and boosts morale ­– which leads to greater productivity. Best of all, you can enjoy these benefits by simply choosing machine tool peripherals designed with worker health and safety in mind


Short load bar feeders load spindle length bars into the lathe for automatic operations

When is a Short Load Bar Feeder Your Best Option?

Short load bar feeders load spindle length bars into the lathe for automatic operations, and are perfect for production lots as small as 20 – 30 parts. The key here is to choose a bar feeder that has quick setup times, ideally in the range of 2 – 3 minutes or less.


LNS America Improves Nilpter's Manufacturing Productivity by 90%

See How LNS Improved This Manufacturer's Productivity By 90%

Nilpeter makes six models of flexographic presses in its Cincinnati, OH facility. Each model requires a number of high-precision parts including impression rollers. A typical press has eight impression rollers, and each must be precisely machined to final diameter tolerances of +/- 0.00005”.


Cybercrime in manufacturing is on the rise

Ransomware, Hackers and Scammers – Oh My!

As if we don’t have enough to worry about, Internet related crimes against small to medium size companies – including manufacturing plants – is on the rise.


Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT

What is IIoT, And Why Should You Care?

Along with the latest machines and technologies, IMTS 2016 saw a number of examples of how data gathering and communications can play a significant role in improving manufacturing productivity.


Is a 12 Foot Automatic Bar Feed Your Best Choice

Is a 12-Foot Automatic Bar Feeder Your Best Choice?

There are three basic types of automatic bar feeders available:

Each type has its own characteristics and advantages. Choosing the right bar feeder depends on your applications and overall production needs. So when is a 12-foot bar feeder your best choice?