Chip Conveyor Accessories


3 Chip Conveyor Accessories that Conquer Challenging Applications

Changing a machining process or starting a new one can make a difference in the chip materials, sizes and types created. LNS has three accessories you can add to your existing hinge belt conveyor to keep these changes from impeding performance.


Air Headers

While a standard hinge belt conveyor can handle a variety of applications, a process change that produces finer chips than usual may lead to these fines sticking to the hinge plates of the belt and finding their way into the coolant tank. This could create problems including coolant tank maintenance, excessive chip conveyor wear, and even coolant pump damage.

The LNS Air Header sits at the discharge end of the conveyor, below the point where the belt travels back into the conveyor frame. It applies compressed air to the underside of the belt to remove any fine particles stuck there and blows them into the hopper. This prevents the fines from reentering the conveyor and eventually washing into the coolant tank.

Of course, the ideal chip management solution for applications that produce fine particles is a self-cleaning, filtering conveyor like the MH Series or SFcompact that filter fines as small as 50 microns. However, if you want to stay with your existing standard hinge belt conveyor, adding an Air Header is a good option that you can easily install on the factory floor.


Chip Stripper Bar

Similarly, if your process now creates stringy chips that tax the efficiency of your standard hinge belt conveyor, a Chip Stripper Bar is a good solution. This accessory is a serrated blade that mounts below the discharge area, where the blade rips stringy chips from the belt as it travels down the incline. This allows the chips to fall into the hopper without entering the conveyor frame, thus eliminating potential damage.

As with the Air Header, the mounting holes for the Chip Scraper Bar are already in the chip conveyor frame, so you can easily install the accessory.


Variable Speed Control

For fixed speed standard hinge belt chip conveyors, a Variable Speed Control adds greater versatility so it can handle a wider range of materials and processes. The Variable Speed Control enables you to adjust the belt speed from 2 feet per minute up to 9 feet per minute. This flexibility lets you optimize chip removal for the precise volume of chips produced. It also enables you to slow the belt as it moves up the incline to better drain coolant, so less liquid ends up in the chip hopper.


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