LNS Short Load Bar Feed


5 Facts About Short Loader Bar Feeders

The benefits of short loader bar feeders are often misunderstood. In the right applications these affordable bar loaders improve productivity, enable unattended operation and provide the flexibility to respond to changing customer demands. Here are 5 facts you should know to determine if a short loader is a good fit for your shop.


  1. The majority of short loader bar feeders accommodate spindle length bars. This means you can machine material up to the length of the CNC machine spindle, whether it’s 30”, 36” or even up to 60” rather than a fixed bar length. The exception is the Quick Six bar feeder designed for both spindle length and up to 6’ bar lengths. 

  1. With fast setup times of 2 – 3 minutes, LNS spindle length bar feeders are ideal for production lots as small as 20 – 30 parts. 

  1. When used with a shaped spindle liner and custom work holding, short loaders are capable of running a variety of extruded shapes as well as square and rectangular bars, allowing unattended operation of parts that typically require milling. 

  1. Most short loaders provide 3 types of operation: (1) feed to programmed length without turret stop help; (2) feed to a turret stop; (3) sub-spindle extracts material when transferring a part from main spindle for back side machining. 

  1. Six-Foot Bar feeders may be more efficient for CNC machines with short spindles, as it can reduce materials waste, increase production capacity and allow easy handling of heavy bars.


Selecting a bar feeder that precisely matches your current and future needs is a critical decision. Your local LNS representative has the applications knowledge and technical skills to insure that the bar feeder type you choose is a perfect fit for your CNC shop. Call 513-528-5674 or email to learn more.