Bar Feed Frequently Ask Questions


5 Frequently Asked Questions about Bar Feeders

LNS Bar Feeder FAQS

Q: Some bar feeders claim they can cover a wider range of diameters without changeovers. Does LNS?

A: All LNS bar feeders provide optimum support and vibration damping within a stated diameter range. Exceeding this range – with any bar feeder – increases vibrations that can cause loading problems, mechanical wear and less accurate machining. Fortunately, LNS continuously refines its changeover procedures, including equipping many models with advanced automatic diameter adjustment capabilities, to reduce time and effort. Some other bar feeder brands are much more cumbersome to changeover and require more expensive changeover components to achieve proper bar support and vibration damping. Customers tell us such additional components make these bar feeders less cost-competitive, so they are often not even mentioned.


Q: How easy is it to get spare parts for my bar feeder?

A: LNS is the only major bar feeder brand that is designed, built, sold and supported by one company. That’s why LNS has the most extensive technical service capabilities in North America which, when combined with a very substantial spare parts inventory, provides for unparalleled support for LNS customers. LNS also has parts inventories and service personnel strategically located worldwide, which is why many global customers rely on LNS products throughout their facilities.


Q: If I have a question I need answered quickly, who do I call?

A: LNS has a team of experienced bar feeder experts available in our Cincinnati, Ohio headquarters to answer your questions, order spare parts, or arrange technical service. Simply call 513-528-5674 Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time. We may be a global company, but LNS service and support is local and readily available.


Q: I hear a lot about the Industrial Internet of Things. Are LNS bar feeders connectable?

A: Yes, the LNS e-Connect system supports many aspects of the IoT world. Several LNS bar feeders have the ability to communicate M2M (machine-to-machine) sharing both basic and complex data bi-directionally. Features such as automatic changeover, remnant reduction and production scheduling drive automation and cost savings into the manufacturing process. e-Connect can also provide a host of analytical data which targets other IoT areas such as Industry 4.0 and MTConnect. All of which make LNS bar feeders a perfect fit for your automation and  lights-out production needs.

Q: I’m not sure if we need a 12-foot or short loader bar feeder for one of our work cells. How can I find out which is best?

A: You might start with a white paper we prepared that discusses the pros and cons of 12-foot, 6-foot and short loader bar feeders. Of course, you can also contact your local LNS representative or call 513-528-5674.  They’ll be happy to share their real-world knowledge with you so you can choose a bar feeder that will suit your application, machine tools and productivity goals perfectly.