LNS eConnect


5 Reasons Why Your Bar Feeder & Turning Machine Should Talk to Each Other

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), in which manufacturing machines share data with each other to improve efficiencies, has come of age. For a number of years LNS has pioneered the ability of its bar feeders, chip conveyors and ChipBLASTER coolant management systems to communicate with the machine tools they complement through the eConnect Ethernet communications system.

Simply put, e-Connect enables data sharing between CNC machines and key LNS peripherals to reduce material waste while improving workflow. Here are 5 ways LNS bar feeders equipped with e-Connect improve production efficiency: 

  1. Reduces time and labor expense. Every touch of a workpiece adds cost to the manufacturing process. Because e-Connect enables on-the-fly automatic part program changeovers within a given diameter range, the machine operator can tend multiple work stations without interrupting production to change from one part run to another.


  1. Less material waste. eConnect tracks material usage and shares this data with the CNC machine, so both the bar feeder and machine tool can automatically adjust to process a part in the production queue that best matches a remnant. Otherwise, this piece of material would be wasted.


  1. Enables unattended & lights-out production. Sharing material and process data between the bar feeder and turning machine eliminates the need for an operator to manually changeover from one part run to another. Plus, e-Connect has the ability to transmit process information and alerts to remote PCs and mobile devices for worry-free overnight operation.


  1. Allows small-batch, high mix production. Instead of running a small number of parts, for example, 5, 10 or 20 pieces, and then changing over to another small batch, e-Connect provides the opportunity to gang together multiple small part programs within a designated diameter range. This means unattended or lights-out production is no longer restricted to high volume runs.


  1. Reduces part programming time. The LNS bar feeder Part Library stores hundreds of part programs on board, eliminating the need to re-enter data. Instead, e-Connect enables the Part Library and CNC machine control to quickly find the programs and automatically adjust as needed.


To learn more about e-Connect, LNS bar feeders and other advanced peripherals that optimize machine tool performance, contact your local LNS representative, call: 513-528-5674, or email: