LNS Bar Feed Installation


5 Steps To A Perfect Bar Feeder Installation

A new LNS automatic bar feeder helps your CNC machine work faster, smarter and more cost-effectively. First, though, it must be properly installed, and your machine operators thoroughly trained. Fortunately, the automatic features built into most LNS bar feeders, along with the menu-driven, touch screen HMI, make learning easy. Plus, experienced LNS installation specialists are fast and efficient – providing, of course, that everything is ready when they arrive.

To insure your bar feeder installation goes as smoothly as possible, use this handy guide to prepare for the installer’s visit. Otherwise you could waste valuable production time and money waiting for a second installation visit. 

  1. The CNC turning machine your new LNS bar feeder is paired with must be completely installed, leveled and operational. This includes having tooling and a sample part program in place. Otherwise the installer won’t be able to check bar feeder operation, or properly train your people.


  1. If required, have the automatic bar feeder interface from the OEM on hand, and either enter the lathe parameters for the interface or have them available for the installer.


  1. In addition to the LNS bar feeder, itself, be sure that you received and have installed the appropriate spindle liners. You’ll also need sufficient bar stock available for the runoff.


  1. Rigging equipment and maintenance personnel must be available to precisely align the turning machine and bar feeder, as this is critical to worry-free operation.


  1. Must haves for most models: A functioning airline capable of delivering the appropriate PSI for your bar feeder, and the correct amount and type of hydraulic oil. Prior to installation, LNS will advise you of any other requirements specific to the bar feeder being installed.


Checking off these 5 items before the installer arrives assures you’ll be up and running smoothly as quickly as possible. Questions? Call 513-528-5674 or contact your local LNS representative.