Retain Machinists and other Key Employees


5 Ways to Retain Machinists and other Key Employees

Talk with any group of production managers and the conversation will inevitably get around to the difficulty of finding and retaining  good employees. With the labor market tightening and the demand for skilled machinists growing, it makes good sense to do what you can to hold onto your best performers.

Here, then, is a checklist of fundamental issues that can help keep your talented workforce happy to stay right where they are.

  1. Salary. Obviously you must be competitive in what you pay your employees. However, it’s also important to have a clearly defined wage schedule that incentivizes high performers and is fair to all.

  2. Benefits. Health care, retirement plans and vacation time are the most desired benefits, but younger employees are equally interested in work/life balance. That’s why today’s employers must be willing to be more flexible with work schedules.

  3. Cross training. Learning a variety of operations is a good way to keep employees from burning out and also enables flextime scheduling.

  4. Healthy work environment. Employees appreciate a workplace that’s safe and clean.  Oil/coolant mist collectors and waste oil management systems keep machine shop surfaces free from slippery residue, airborne contaminants and harmful bacteria. Safety measures built into CNC machines and bar feeders protect machinists from the dangers of bar stock and spindles that rotate at high speeds.

  5. Share the big picture. Everyone likes to know what impact the work they do has on the organization they work for, and this knowledge keeps employees engaged. So regularly communicate the company’s goals and successes. Then recognize the contributions your employees made to get you there.

One more way to retain valued employees is to provide them the tools they need to succeed. Ask your local LNS representative about advanced CNC machine peripherals that enable your employees to work smarter and more efficiently. Call 513-528-5674 or email: , to learn more.