Steady Rest System for Your Turning Machine


7 Reasons to Add a Steady Rest System to Your Turning Machine

There are times when a simple clamping device provides all the support you need to successfully machine a workpiece. However, if you’re not getting the desired results, you may need an automatic work holding system that includes a steady rest.

These more sophisticated devices efficiently support workpieces during turning, milling and secondary operations such as ID drilling, boring and producing end face bolt-hole patterns. This is especially true when experiencing part distortion and/or deflection on long workpieces.

The 7 chief reasons to add a steady rest system are:

  1. Better workpiece control and stability, so you can consistently produce quality parts.
  2. Hold tighter tolerances to reduce scrap and rework.
  3. Expand your ability to take on higher-precision jobs.
  4. Improve part finishes to eliminate additional, costly processes.
  5. Boost productivity by enabling faster throughput.
  6. Extend tool life through more accurate and consistent cutting.
  7. Enhance operator safety even at higher spindle speeds.

It’s important to bear in mind that simply installing an off-the-shelf steady rest is usually not the best solution. Each application is unique and requires a complete steady rest system customized to your specific application.

This means that, in addition to selecting the right type of steady rest, you also need:

  • Custom brackets
  • Automatic clamp bases with integrated tubing
  • Valve packages
  • Hose track assemblies as needed
  • Electrical way covers


To learn more about steady rest-based automatic work holding systems, read our free white paper, Steady Rest 101.  You can also view a video showing a custom-designed steady rest system in operation.