Earth Day, manufacturing and the environment


7 Ways LNS Products Respect the Environment while Optimizing Machine Tool Performance

April 22 marks the global event known as Earth Day. During this celebration of the world in which we live, nearly 200 countries promote efforts to reduce our impact on the environment.

LNS has long been a leader in developing products that improve manufacturing productivity while incorporating design elements that protect and preserve the environment – without sacrificing performance. Here are a few examples:


  • The film of oil used in many LNS bar feeders that reduces vibration within a guide tube and enables smooth bar loading is contained within the enclosure. This prevents leakage and promotes longer oil life. 
  • Energy-efficient bar feeder controls and servo motors reduce overall energy usage while improving speed and reliability. 
  • Most LNS short-loader bar feeders operate without using oil to stabilize rotating bar stock. 
  • LNS filtering chip conveyors remove particles as small as 50 microns to extend coolant life, thus reducing the amount of coolant used and disposed of. 
  • Coolant usage is further reduced by using LNS PhaSep waste oil removal systems that trap and dispose of tramp oil that can form harmful bacteria. 
  • LNS Fox oil/coolant mist collectors remove mist, smoke and other fine aerosols and particulates from CNC machines to provide cleaner air and work surfaces, reduce HVAC usage, and recycle captured coolant. 
  • A pioneer in manufacturing equipment connectivity, LNS developed the eConnect Ethernet communications system. This data sharing system enables LNS bar feeders and other peripherals to bilaterally communicate with CNC machine production scheduling systems. As a result, bar remnants that were once headed for the scrap bin now become finished parts.


The mission of LNS is to help manufacturers optimize the performance of their machine tools. As a responsible citizen of the world, we strive to do so in an environmentally-friendly way. To learn more about LNS products and services, contact your local LNS representative or call 513-528-5674.