3D Chip Conveyor


7 Ways a 3D Chip Conveyor Saves Time & Money

Whether at home or in the workplace, nobody looks forward to taking out the trash. That goes double for overflowing and cumbersome chip hoppers. Here are 7 reasons why an automatic, continuously operating 3D disc conveyor makes sense for any CNC facility. 

  1. Save floor space. Chip hoppers take up precious room on the factory floor that can be used for more productive purposes. A 3D disc conveyor can operate below ground or overhead, as well as at floor level, so you regain some valuable real estate. 

  1. Save labor costs. Your workers have better things to do with their time than moving and emptying chip hoppers. With a 3D system they won’t have to.


  1. Keep the facility safer and cleaner. Moving chips manually or with a forklift can lead to injury and accidents. Plus, even the most conscientious efforts can leave bits and pieces of debris on the factory floor.


  1. Service multiple locations with one system. You can empty all of your machine tools into a single 3D disc conveyor, regardless of the various materials and types of chips.


  1. Move more than chips. The 3D system also moves dry powders and many slurries as well as metal and plastic chips.


  1. Take it outside. You can elect to deposit the chips in a collection point outside of your building, to making final disposal easier and often less costly.


  1. Run lights-out. Because a 3D disc system runs unattended continuously and requires minimal maintenance, it’s a perfect solution for lights-out production


Check out the 3D system video on the LNS Web site, then contact your local LNS representative to learn more. Or call 513-528-5674.