LNS North Americas Bar Feed


Building Safety Into Automatic Bar Feeders

LNS bar feeders are known for optimizing CNC turning machine performance and enabling unattended and lights-out production. They achieve these benefits by reliably loading bar stock and reducing vibrations in the cutting zone to allow faster spindle speeds and greater throughput. In many applications, adding the LNS e-Connect Ethernet communications system further boosts productivity by allowing the machine tool and bar feeder to share data, make scheduling changes on the fly and reduce material waste.

What sometimes goes unnoticed is that LNS also builds a number of features into each bar feeder that serves the dual purpose of improving productivity and improving operator safety.

For example, in the bad old days, before reliable automatic bar feeders, workers would manually load a 12-foot bar into a lathe, leaving the less-than-perfectly-straight bar exposed and whipping around in a dangerous arc that could cause serious injury. LNS eliminated this problem in 1973 when it introduced the hydrodynamic principle, enclosing the bar and bathing it in oil to reduce oscillation and, therefore, vibration.

Another safety + productivity solution is the Swiss Safety Connection that supports the bar between the bar feeder and the machine tool collet. It consists of a series of telescoping tubes that extend in sections to maintain a continuous connection that allows the sliding headstock to move forward safely without exposing the bar stock.

Protecting the safety of the operator as well as the Swiss-style machine tool were the reasons behind LNS developing the Intelligent Synchronization system that maintains constant, dynamic bar stock position control throughout the machining cycle.

The system links a controller, a series of sensors, and servo drive motors that are directly connected to the headstock to eliminate any lapse in forward and reverse acceleration. By continuously monitoring the sliding headstock and bar feeding movements, the system anticipates headstock motion. This allows for precise synchronization of the pusher and the lathe headstock. By virtually eliminating bar stock misalignment, the system allows the turning machine to operate at peak efficiency while avoiding dangerous turret crashes.

There are other safety related features specific to certain LNS bar feeders, chip conveyors, coolant management systems and oil/coolant mist collectors. Your local LNS representative has all the details. Call: 513-528-5674 or email: