CNC Shop Hiring


Consider a Military Veteran for your Next CNC Shop Employee

As the economy has improved, the U. S. job market has become tighter. If you’re frustrated by the lack of available talent, don’t overlook military veterans coming off of active duty. Whether or not they have experience with your kind of manufacturing, they bring other needed skills and personal traits that make them exceptional employees:


  • Fast learners. Military personnel are often placed in demanding situations where they must quickly master complex technology and methods. Typically, this makes them adept at problem solving, taking initiative and communicating well with others.


  • Work ethic. A person who volunteers for military duty isn’t averse to discipline or hard work. They’re used to showing up on time, adhering to policies and procedures and completing their tasks as assigned.


  • Team players. When your life depends on getting along and working well with others, you respect your team mates and help each other to accomplish your objectives.


  • Work well under pressure. Most veterans have spent years working in high-stress environments, so it’s natural for them to exhibit grace under pressure and to take order changes and difficult deadlines in stride.


If you’re interested in reaching out to military veterans to fill positions in your shop, check out this website created by a partnership between Syracuse University, GE and other manufacturers.