Quick Load Servo S3 T Bar Feeder


How One CNC Shop Reduced Labor Hours from 168 to Just 4

Recognizing that manually loading 12-foot lengths of bar stock was not only slowing production time but also tying up machine operators led a Binghamton, New York CNC shop to rethink their entire process.

Working with LNS applications specialists, they determined that using Quick Load Servo S3 T spindle-length automatic magazine bar feeders allowed them to use shorter bar material to enable their turning machines to operate at much higher RPMs.

According to the company’s Production Manager, the even greater payoff was gaining the ability to run unattended. “The automatic bar feeders are so reliable they allow us to run completely unattended during the second and third shifts. During the first shift, because changeovers are fast and easy, we only need about 4 operator hours to set up a run and attend to all seven workstations.”

Prior to installing the bar feeders, running the 7 lathes required a full-time operator for each machine per shift, eating up 168 labor hours per day. Now the same production is accomplished with about 4 labor hours and the operators can concentrate on more productive activities.

According to the company owner, “We’ve had virtually no problems and minimal maintenance on these bar feeders. The first one we installed has been running 24/7 for over five years while we’ve pumped out millions of parts. The reliability of the LNS bar feeders make it possible for us to profitably maintain and grow this part of our business.”

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