Oil / Coolant Mist Collectors


How a Growing Manufacturing Company Embraces Technology to Stay on Top

An enduring myth about manufacturing is that workers labor in dirty, often unhealthy environments. The fact is, today’s modern manufacturing facilities tend to be neat, clean and ergonomically designed for worker safety. This is because machine shop owners recognize that employee health is not only morally correct, but also makes good business sense.

Take Staub, Inc. for example. This 40-year-old, high volume, manufacturing facility makes precision parts for a variety of industries. One of the secrets of its success is that owner Tony Staub continuously improves and augments his processes with the latest manufacturing technologies, including 5-axis machining, robotically assisted work cells, lights-out production and additive manufacturing.

However, he’s equally mindful of providing a safe, healthy workplace:

“We consider ourselves an environmentally conscious company, but beyond that we spend a lot of time in the shop, and I want to protect the health of my employees. Just as we now know that smoking is bad for you, it follows that inhaling the particles produced in the machining processes is not healthy. Therefore we feel it is essential to filter the coolant vapors produced by our machines. This makes the air we all breathe healthier and keeps the equipment and floors clean and free of oil residue, making the workplace safer and more pleasant for our people.”

To achieve his desire for clean air, Tony turned to LNS Oil / Coolant Mist Collectors that are ideal for manufacturing processes using water-soluble, synthetic or neat oil coolants. They use a patented, 3-stage filtration system that exceeds OSHA and NIOSH requirements, and with an optional HEPA filter remove 99.97% of cutting oil smoke particles.

An article published in a leading manufacturing publication explains why Staub, Inc. selected the LNS Oil/Coolant Mist Collectors after trying other brands. You can also download a white paper that explains the differences in oil and coolant mist collection technologies.

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