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How bar feeders affect the surface finish of turned parts

CNC turning and multi-tasking machines are more sophisticated and capable than ever before and, coupled with a bar feeder that provides proper support, can produce parts with exceptional surface finish.

The chief obstacle to achieving precise surface finishes on turned parts is the vibration created by bar stock rotating at today’s high spindle speeds that is transmitted through the spindle to the cutting area. Containing such vibrations requires a bar feeder that addresses a complex assortment of factors including:


  • How the bar stock is supported within the bar feeder, such as with the hydrodynamic principle pioneered by
    LNS over 40 years ago
  • Guiding channels that precisely match the required diameter range and that are easy to change
  • One-piece spindle liners that won’t scar bar stock
  • Front stabilizers made from non-marring materials


A free white paper, Bar Feeders and Workpiece Surface Finish explains more about these factors and others, including the role of chucks and unloading devices. You can also contact your local LNS representative or call 513-528-5674 to learn more about how LNS bar feeders can optimize the performance of your turning machines and improve productivity.