LNS America Express 220 S2 and Express 332 S2 Videos


“How to” Bar Feeder Videos Demonstrate Easy Ways to Optimize Productivity

A series of 4 “how to” videos demonstrate 4 key features of LNS Hydrobar Express 220 S2 and Hydrobar Express 332 S2 all of which are made simple by using the exclusive LNS hand held HMI touch screen control: 

  • Front Rest Changeover shows how to quickly and easily accomplish this procedure using the HMI menu-driven control.

  • Top Cut Setting demonstrates how to set top cut by adding or subtracting from the current value or teaching a new position.

  • Setting End of Bar shows how easy the touch screen HMI makes it to accomplish this procedure

  • Full Changeover shows the step-by-step process for a complete changeover that takes less than 8 minutes

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