LNS Bar Feeders, Bar Stock Diameters


How to Load Bar Stock Diameters from Less than 1 mm to 120 mm

Trouble-free bar loading is certainly top-of-mind when choosing a bar feeder, however an equally important criteria is adequate bar support. Some bar feeders claim to accommodate a broader range of bar diameters than can be properly supported without changeovers, but the facts prove them wrong. Attempting to run too wide a range of bar stock diameters ultimately leads to increased vibrations that can cause loading problems, mechanical wear and less accurate machining.

So why claim a wider range of bar diameter capability than is prudent? Well, if changeovers are cumbersome, time-consuming and require additional components, a bar feeder will be less attractive to a potential buyer.

That’s why LNS continuously refines its changeover procedures, including equipping many models with advanced automatic diameter adjustment capabilities, to reduce time and effort while insuring optimum bar support. Additionally, LNS has the broadest assortment of models available so you can equip your shop with precisely the right bar feeders to cover the widest range of diameters, all with easy-to-use controls and supported by global technical and customer service professionals.

There are currently 19 LNS bar feeders available to meet the needs of fixed headstock or Swiss-style turning machines in 12-foot, 6-foot and spindle-length models. So whether you machine small diameter bar stock of less than 1 mm, parts from bar diameters as large as 120 mm or anything in between, LNS has a bar feeder to suit your needs.

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