Swiss Lathes


How to Optimize the Performance of Your Swiss-Style Lathe

Swiss-style CNC lathes are ideal for high-volume, highly precise turning applications, particularly for small diameter parts. That’s why Swiss watchmakers rely on these machine tools to make the world’s most celebrated timepieces.

What makes a Swiss-style machine different, of course, is the sliding headstock that feeds the bar stock through a guide bushing where the workpiece is machined by a fixed cutting tool. This enables greater support, stability and reduced vibration for superior cutting accuracy.

Like any machine tool, Swiss-style lathes can only achieve peak performance if all of its peripheral components are equally capable. That’s why it’s important to equip them with bar feeders, high-pressure coolant systems and chip conveyors designed for Swiss-style machining.

  • Bar feeders for sliding headstock machines, for example, must provide flawless bar loading, stability and vibration dampening while allowing the lathe to operate at optimum RPMs. LNS sliding headstock bar feeders accommodate bar diameters from less than 1 mm to 68 mm, many that enable partial changeovers in as little as 2 minutes.


  • High-Pressure Systems provide improved chip control plus extended and more predictable tool life. Compact SwissBLASTER high pressure units are specifically designed for sliding headstock lathes, with 12 models to precisely match applications. These units provide volumes to 16 gallons per minute and pressures to 2,000 psi. Patented pumps and motors have extremely low levels of vibration and pulsation to insure accurate cutting.


  • Chip conveyors that can handle large chip quantities and a variety of chip sizes and shapes are critical for enabling high-volume, unattended and lights-out production with Swiss-style machines. Again, matching the chip conveyor to specific applications is key. With 9 models including compact filtering chip conveyors that remove particles as small as 50 microns, LNS has a chip management system that will precisely match your Swiss-style machining requirements.

From its beginning in Switzerland over 45 years ago LNS has provided users of Swiss-style machine tools the industry’s most reliable and advanced peripherals. Learn more by contacting your local LNS representative, call: 513-528-5674, or email: .