LNS America Blaze Air


How to Protect Part Surface Finish During Unloading

When surface roughness/smoothness and overall appearance are important considerations for machined parts, don’t overlook the impact of your unloading procedure.

A machining cycle painstakingly designed to produce a perfect surface finish can be thwarted by ejecting the part onto the wrong surface or using robot arms with too hard or textured grippers.

One of the best means for removing finished parts is a vacuum unloader. This device extracts parts from the CNC turning machine spindle without touching the surface, then deposits them on a nylon-covered tray. For highly-finished pieces a special coating on all of the internal components that touch a part further protect surface finish.

The LNS Blaze Air vacuum unloader accommodates bar fed operations that use twin spindle or sub-spindles machines with through-hole. It takes just 2 to 3 seconds to automatically remove parts through the back of the secondary spindle following the machining of both ends.

In addition to protecting the part’s surface finish, the Blaze Air enables unattended and lights-out operation as one component of an automated work cell.

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