Reduce Tool Wear and Coolant Costs


How to Reduce Tool Wear & Coolant Costs with Bag-less Filtration

CNC machine users who are concerned about chip particles damaging filtering pumps and machine tool components often rely on coolant management systems using replaceable filter bags. The shortcomings of this approach include the expense of the bags, themselves, the cost of labor to replace them, and production interruptions.

Another concern is that bag systems quickly lose efficiency as they fill with debris and impede the flow of coolant. It’s much the same problem found in bag-style vacuum cleaners that reduce airflow as the bag becomes full.

A better approach is to eliminate the filter bags, altogether, by harnessing the power of cyclonic separation as utilized in the ChipBLASTER Cyclone coolant filtration system from LNS.

Simply put, the Cyclone filtration system can eliminate chip particles from coolant by running the fluid through a cyclonic separator. This device creates a vortex to produce centrifugal force that pushes the solids to the Cyclone’s walls and then down to a discharge port. Meanwhile the clean coolant is drawn upwards to an outlet that returns it to the sump.

This process delivers a number of important benefits:

  1. There are no bags to replace, saving labor, bag cost and production time
  2. The system constantly discharges to insure clog-free operation
  3. There are no moving parts to wear out
  4. Debris as small as 2 microns is filtered from the coolant, thus protecting the pump and machine tool components from premature wear
  5. Cleaner coolant directed at the cutting area reduces tool wear – in many cases doubling tool life
  6. The removed particulates can be discharged into the chip conveyor, directly into an existing repository or into an optional sludge tank

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