Metal Cutting Chips


How to Resolve Bird Nest Chip Problems in Heavy-Duty Machining Applications

Machining pipes, couplings, nipples and other components used in oil and gas drilling produces masses of stringy chips, or bird nests, that frequently clog up many chip conveyors. That’s why LNS created a series of heavy-duty chip conveyors specifically for these and similar applications.

The LNS Energy Edition chip management systems are extra heavy-duty conveyors containing a number of unique design features that eliminate the chip problems that can stall production and impact conveyor life: 

  • Chip suppressors that funnel material into the conveyor incline more efficiently.
  • Higher top covers that allow more room for chips to travel up the incline.
  • Hardened track throughout the entire conveyor, not just in the curves and tail, for added strength and wear resistance.
  • Higher discharge to allow masses of chips to fall into the hopper and away from the conveyor belt to prevent backups. This also reduces time spent emptying the discharge bin.
  • A gentler incline is optional and recommended for certain applications. Reducing the incline from 60º to 45º places less stress on the system and makes it easier for the chips to travel up the incline.

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