Interconnectivity, IIoT, LNS bar feeders, Okuma CNC


Interconnectivity Reduces Material & Labor Costs for Family-Owned CNC Shop

The Gilson Company is a 75-year-old, family owned business based in Lewis Center, Ohio. It has long been a distributor of testing equipment for construction, laboratory, food service, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Recently the company decided to produce their own, improved version of rotary sifter used to separate particle sizes of granular material. Making the product successful required running a lights-out third shift and carefully managing material usage.

The solution is an automated work cell designed by Gosiger Automation utilizing an LNS bar feeder that bilaterally communicates with an Okuma CNC lathe’s. Thinc API, via the LNS e-Connect communication system. An LNS Blaze Air vacuum unloader removes finished workpieces.

For the full story on this example of applying the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) to reduce cost-per-part, read the case study on or contact your nearest LNS representative.  Phone: 513-528-5674.