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More High Performing CNC Shops Are Adopting Automation

Ask machine shop owners about their top-of-mind concerns, and chances are they’ll mention the desire to reduce cycle times, cost-per-part and material usage. According to a recent study of 471 CNC shops by Gardner Business Media, 59% of high-performing CNC shops look to automation to achieve these goals.

While “automation” typically brings to mind the use of industrial robots, the study pointed out that the majority of shops are more likely to consider other means of automating work cells, including automatic bar feeders, and unloaders to enable unattended and lights-out production.  

Automating work cells for trouble-free unattended operation also requires reliable chip conveyors and coolant management.

Top CNC Shops also recognize the importance of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as exemplified by the LNS e-Connect Ethernet communications system that enables sharing real-time data between the LNS bar feeder and a CNC turning machine’s onboard master production schedule. This two-way communication makes possible automatic changeovers from one part program to another with no operator involvement, thus reducing setup times, labor costs and material usage.

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