LNS Bar Feed Changeovers


New Guide to Faster, Easier Bar feeder Changeovers

How quickly and easily you can changeover from one job to another is a critical factor affecting your CNC shop’s productivity. That’s why LNS has published a Changeover Reference Guide that lists times and procedures for each current model.

As important as fast changeovers are, it’s also important to recognize that proper bar support is essential for optimizing spindle speeds, throughput, tool life and part quality. Claims that a very wide range of bar diameters can be machined without changing guiding components are simply untrue. The key is to make changeovers as swift and simple as possible.

Click here to look over a quick-read guide to learn how the various LNS bar feeders can be quickly and easily changed over to keep your production running smoothly. To learn more about LNS bar feeders and other peripherals, contact your local LNS representative. Call 513-528-5674 or email .