LNS North America New Generation Hinge Belt


Next Generation Chip Conveyor Hinge Belts Accommodate Higher Horsepower CNC Machines

CNC machine tool builders continuously improve their products, so users can be more productive and competitive. As OEMs produce faster and more capable machines, LNS works closely with them to ensure that chip conveyors, bar feeders and other peripheral equipment optimize the performance of these new machines.

For example, increases in CNC machine horsepower and physical design prompted a reimagining of the hinge belts found in LNS Turbo Standard Duty, MH Series and SFcompact chip conveyors. These Next Generation Hinge Belts enable the chip conveyors to handle up to 35 horsepower CNC machines, a significant upgrade from the previous maximum of 20 horsepower.

The new generation of hinge belts are stronger, more flexible and can accommodate lower frame configurations. Here are some of the key design developments:

  • Rollers are wider, increased to 19 mm from 6.35 mm, while roller diameters increased from 19 mm to 22 mm to provide greater contact
  • New outer link plates between the pins increase overall strength and stability
  • Hinge plates throughout now have a center channel for greater flex strength
  • A 90º tab on the side wings better supports the hinge plate under a perpendicular load
  • Louvers have been added to the belt to promote better coolant flow and to eliminate small chips from getting in between the belt plates

Next Generation Hinge Belts are just one example of how LNS works with machine tool producers, worldwide, to provide the industry’s most advanced CNC machine peripherals. To learn more contact your local LNS representative, call 513-528-5674 or email: .