Hydrodynamic Bar Feed


One Simple Way to Keep Bar Feeders Running Trouble-Free

The hydrodynamic principal behind many LNS bar feeders uses oil to maximize bar support and reduce vibrations that can affect part quality and CNC machine performance. Keeping the oil clean prolongs its life so users can enjoy years of trouble-free operation without the expense of frequent oil replacements.

The secret to preventing oil contamination is simply to use only clean bar stock. This means:

  • Ordering from material suppliers that agree to deliver clean, straight bar stock. Although it’s tempting to take advantage of a lower price from an unknown vendor, the stock you receive may be inferior material. Besides contaminating the bar feeder’s oil with debris, bar stock that isn’t straight can cause wear-and-tear on both the bar feeder and turning machine. 

  • Inspecting incoming stock to be sure it meets your standards for cleanliness and straightness. 

  • Storing bar stock in a protected area where it will remain clean. 

  • If necessary, wiping down the stock before loading into the bar feeder magazine.


Not only will these practices extend the bar feeder’s oil life, they will also reduce the need to clean the bar feeder components. LNS bar feeders are designed and built to require minimal maintenance, provided these mechanisms remain clean, and the best way to keep them that way is by loading clean bar stock.

These steps will insure that your bar feeder will continue to perform flawlessly to optimize your CNC machine’s performance.

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