Removing CNC Machine Waste Oil


Removing Waste Oil from Coolant Protects Machine Operator Health

CNC machine coolant is easily contaminated by waste oil ­– also called tramp oil – that breeds harmful bacteria. These bacteria not only create a foul odor, they can also irritate a worker’s skin and cause serious respiratory problems. In addition to the health risks, waste oil reduces effective coolant life.

One approach to solving this problem is to regularly deep clean the coolant tanks. Unfortunately, doing so idles the CNC machine, generates maintenance labor costs and wastes costly coolant. A better solution is to install a PhaSep coalescing waste oil removal system.

PhaSep uses a unique floating pick-up that skims the tramp oil and coolant mix from the top of the machine sump. As the liquid moves slowly through the patented coalescing plates, oil droplets as small as 20 microns separate from the coolant and rise to the top of the unit. When the oil layer builds up sufficiently, it passes over a specially designed weir and is trapped, away from the clean coolant. The oil can then be removed periodically through the waste oil drain. Coolant, cleaned of 99% of contaminated oil, is returned directly to the machine sump.  Unlike disk or belt skimmers that only remove oil contacted by these devices, the PhaSep uses a pneumatic diaphragm pump to clean all the coolant in a tank.

To optimize performance, it’s important to match the PhaSep unit to the size of the coolant sump to provide 7 turnovers of fluid per day. Models are available to process sumps from 40 – 200 gallons.  Larger PhaSep models are available for tanks over 200 gallons. 

In addition to CNC machine applications, PhaSep models equipped with stainless steel components are also used to clean parts washing fluids.

To learn more about PhaSep and other LNS products that help your CNC shop save time and money while keeping your employees healthy and safe, call 513-528-5674 or your local LNS representative.