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See How LNS Helps Improve CNC Machine Performance & Hear Why Customers Partner with LNS

LNS has served American and global manufacturers for 5 decades with equipment that enables CNC machines to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Originally known as the inventor of modern hydrodynamic bar feeders beginning in the 1970s, LNS has continuously advanced bar loading technology while expanding its product offerings.

Today, in addition to the broadest range of bar feeders on the market, LNS designs, sells and supports Turbo chip conveyors, ChipBLASTER coolant management products, Fox air filtration systems, both standard and custom workholding solutions, and the eConnect Ethernet communications system.

In this video LNS customers explain their long-time relationships with LNS and how this partnership has helped them achieve their manufacturing business goals.

To learn more about how LNS can help your CNC shop improve productivity and generate greater profits, contact your local LNS representative, call: 513-528-5674, or email: .