Nilpeter improves manufacturing productivity


See How LNS Improved This Manufacturer’s Productivity by 90%

Nilpeter makes six models of flexographic presses in its Cincinnati, OH facility. Each model requires a number of high-precision parts including impression rollers. A typical press has eight impression rollers, and each must be precisely machined to final diameter tolerances of +/- 0.00005”. Each roller in this family of parts has slightly different diameters, ranging from 2.2621” through 2.2618”.

Manufacturing each impression roller was a time-consuming process requiring seven steps ­­– including outsourcing two operations – until the company decided to streamline production by adding a new work cell.

As detailed in the video below, Nilpeter installed a 7-axis, twin spindle CNC turning machine serviced by an LNS Sprint S3 automatic magazine bar feeder, a Blaze Air vacuum unloader and the LNS e-Connect Ethernet communications system. This cell reduced machining time per roller from 4.5 man hours to less than 30 minutes.

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