LNS e-Connect Communication Systems IMTS 2018


See Real Time Ethernet Connectivity Demos at IMTS 2018

Among the advanced manufacturing technologies presented in LNS booth 338586, South Hall, Level 3 at IMTS 2018 is e-Connect the Ethernet communications system that enables data exchange between CNC machines, and LNS peripherals, such as bar feeders. There will be live demonstrations of the system, including communicating remotely with machines in other IMTS booths.

The e-Connect system greatly improves workflow and reduces material waste while enabling worry-free unattended and lights-out production. For example, when running a family of parts, the LNS bar feeder and the master production schedule of the CNC turning machine communicate with each other to enable quick, automatic changeovers from one part to another within the given bar stock diameter range.

It works this way: When the CNC machine completes a specific part run, it looks at the production schedule to select the next part to be produced and send this data to the bar feeder. The bar feeder then consults its internal Part Library that stores all of the bar feeder parameters for the part programs, selects the matching program, and then automatically adjusts itself to make the new part.

Throughout the process, the bar feeder tracks material usage and communicates the information via e-Connect to the turning machine’s master schedule. This enables the machine tool to compare the lengths of the various parts to be run to the available material. If, in the middle of a part run, there is a remnant that is too short for the part currently being produced, it selects another part from the schedule that it can make from the remnant. Both the machine tool and the bar feeder automatically adjust themselves. When this cycle is complete, the master scheduler returns to the original part program, the turning machine and bar feeder automatically readjust, a new bar is loaded, and production continues.

Be sure to see all of the latest LNS peripherals at IMTS 2018 that optimize machine tool performance. To learn more, call 513-528-5674 or your local LNS representative.