LNS Oil / Coolant Mist Collectors


See how oil/coolant mist collector annual maintenance takes less than 5 minutes

The unique design of LNS oil/coolant mist collectors enables them to continuously perform efficiently with minimal maintenance. In fact, as this video demonstrates, the only required maintenance is replacing filters that are guaranteed for one year of service under typical conditions.

Best of all, you can complete this annual maintenance procedure in just 5 minutes.

LNS Oil/Coolant Mist Collectors:

  • Exceed OSHA & NIOSH requirements
  • Easily install on any CNC machine
  • Eliminate oil/coolant mist, smoke, other fine aerosols and particulates

To learn how LNS oil/coolant mist collectors provide a healthier workplace, reduce absenteeism and cut HVAC costs, call 513-516-0350 or your local LNS representative.