Shared Data Between Bar Feeder & CNC Enables Lights-Out Production of Mixed Parts

In this LNS customer case study, Production Engineer Brian Caine of American Punch discusses how his company satisfied customer JIT demands by moving from standard production of hundreds of a single part to smaller lots of 5,10 or 20 pieces.

The key to making these shorter runs possible was to eliminate multiple setups and minimize operator involvement. While searching for a solution, Brian met with an LNS applications specialist who introduced him to the eConnect Ethernet communications system.

The e-Connect system enables the LNS automatic bar feeder and the CNC machine’s onboard master production schedule to bilaterally share data. This means that when the lathe completes a part run, it can look at the production schedule to select the next part to be produced and send this data to the bar feeder. The bar feeder then consults its internal Part Library that stores the bar feeder parameters for hundreds of part programs, selects the program that matches the one chosen by the CNC machine’s master schedule, and automatically adjusts itself to the new program.

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