LNS America and IMTS 2018


Stop at the One-Stop IMTS 2018 Booth to Optimize CNC Machine Performance

As you immerse yourself in the latest-and-greatest manufacturing technologies at IMTS 2018, be sure to visit the LNS one-stop-shop for advanced CNC machine peripherals.

Even the fastest and most versatile machine tool can’t deliver peak performance without peripherals that manage material loading, keep the machining area free of debris and use Ethernet technology to reduce material waste and speed production.

Here’s some of what you’ll see in the LNS booth (338586, South Hall) at IMTS 2018:

  • More bar feeders for fixed and sliding headstock machines than from any other source, including 12-foot, 6-foot and spindle length models for bar diameters from less than 0.8 mm to 120 mm.


  • Live demonstrations of the e-Connect Ethernet communications system that enables data exchange between CNC machine controls and LNS peripherals for on-the-fly changeovers, material management and lights-out production.


  • Chip conveyors from conventional hinge belt to self-cleaning filtering models that remove particles as small as 50 microns to reduce bottlenecks and coolant costs.


  • Air filtration systems that remove oil/coolant mist, smoke and other fine aerosols and particulates for a safer, healthier workplace.


  • Workholding devices, including collet chucks and custom steady-rest systems that provide needed support for greater accuracy and machine performance.


  • Coolant management systems that enable faster spindle speeds, improve cutting accuracy and surface finish, and extend coolant and tool life.


  • Blaze Air vacuum unloader that removes parts in just 2 – 3 seconds.


The LNS booth is also your one stop for expert advice from applications specialists who will listen to your needs and help you find the perfect solution. Only LNS designs, builds, and stands behind every product it sells. To learn more, call 513-528-5674 or your local LNS representative