What makes high performing CNC shops so successful


What makes high performing CNC shops so successful?

Each year Gardner Business Media surveys CNC manufacturers who serve customers in virtually all major industries, from aerospace and automotive to medical and military. The 2017 report is based on 356 completed surveys. The goal is to determine what differentiates the top-ranking CNC shops from their less successful peers.

Naturally, much of what the survey reveals is that better performing shops invest more heavily in capital equipment – at a rate of more than twice that of poorer performers. Some of the trends of top shops include: 

  • Replacing equipment more frequently (average equipment age: 7 years vs.10 years)
  • Over 65% of top shops use bar feeders vs. 43% of other shops
  • 72% use chip management systems vs. 56% for all others
  • Increased use of additive technology (37%, up from 19% the previous year)
  • Greater investment in Swiss-type lathes, multi-function machine tools and 5-axis machines
  • Higher usage of tool pre-setters, in process probes and quick-change work holding


Clearly, the higher performing shops believe in using the latest manufacturing technologies to drive growth and profitability. However, another significant finding is that these top shops also recognize the importance of investing in their workforce, including offering higher pay rates and benefits such as profit sharing and paid healthcare plans. They also develop the talents of their staffs through formalized training, management advancement programs and educational reimbursement.


Of course, getting the most out of these investments in equipment and people requires optimizing machine tool performance with advanced peripherals. Your LNS representative will help you select the bar feedeingchip and coolant management,air filtration and work holding that fit your needs precisely.