Continuous Education - Manufacturing


Why Continuous Education Matters & What to do About it

You just installed a new turning machine complete with an LNS automatic bar feeder and filtering chip conveyor. The CNC machine distributor and LNS provide training for your machine operators, so they quickly get up to speed and start making parts.

Unfortunately, six months later the machine operator leaves and someone new takes over. That person wasn’t properly trained to operate all of the work cell’s components and hits a few snags that stop production in its tracks. For one, he can’t get the bar feeder to operate properly and calls LNS for service. Luckily, LNS customer phone support asks a few questions and determines that the problem stems from not completely closing the bar feeder’s lid, which means that built-in safety switches prevent the machine from running.

It’s a happy ending that eliminates a needless service call and further production delay. And it’s just one example of the importance of continuing education for all machine operators. So how do you keep your staff knowledgeable about the equipment throughout your shop and aware of new technologies that can help improve production?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Take advantage of training offered by LNS, your CNC machine OEMs and distributors. Schedule multiple employees to receive initial training to assure depth of knowledge, and participate in periodic brush up sessions to learn best practices and new product developments. 

  1. Attend open houses hosted by OEMs and distributors, and trade shows such as IMTS where you and your staff learn about the latest-and-greatest technologies that enable you to be competitive, productive and profitable. 

  1. Investigate opportunities for employees to broaden their capabilities by attending classes at trade schools or community colleges. As CNC machine and peripheral technologies advance, your shop will benefit from employees with current skill sets. Consider tuition reimbursements for those who do well in such courses. 

  1. An often overlooked form of education is explaining your company’s vision and the role your employees play in achieving these goals. Understanding the big picture and how each employee impacts it, leads to a greater sense of allegiance to the company, and promotes employee thinking about ways to improve processes. 

  1. A worthwhile activity is documenting technical training, especially work cell operation and maintenance, so the knowledge can be passed on to new employees. A well accepted method is to create a written, video or other format documentation that has step-by-step instructions along with appropriate illustrations or photos.

To learn how LNS can help your technical training efforts, call 513-528-5674 or your local LNS representative.