100 LNS Alpha 12-foot bar feeders


Why a Contract CNC Shop Bought 100 Bar Feeders

When you’re a successful machine shop that cranks out high volume, close tolerance parts for medical, automotive and defense industries, you can’t take chances when buying new equipment. That’s why one CNC shop decided to hold auditions for the work cells it needed to fulfill a long-time customer’s new parts order.

Once the company selected the turning machines best suited for the new application, they invited several bar feeding companies to participate in a competition. According to the Production Manager, the new product required tolerances of +/- 0.0003” so accurately loading and supporting the bar stock was critical.

“Our approach was to use the recommended bar feeders in test runs and compare the results. The LNS Alpha 320 automatic bar feeders won hands down. Not only are they fast and consistent at loading bar stock, they also support the bars in such a way that vibration is successfully dampened.”

“Based on their performance, we bought 100 of the Alpha bar feeders to meet our customer’s high-volume requirements that keep our lines running 24/7, 360 days of the year. Of course these automatic bar feeders also reduce labor costs. We currently use only two operators per shift to manage production on all 100 machines.”

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