Turbo 3D Chip Conveyor

This factory-integrated system removes material from your multi-tasking machines through a piping network directly to an inside or outdoor hopper/truck. Thanks to its modular design, Turbo 3D is suitable for virtually any manufacturing facility, and easily accommodates coolant recovery tanks at the lower point of the system.

Turbo 3D Advantages

  • A fully automated system that simultaneously removes all types of chips and fines from a number of machine tools.
  • Material is discharged either inside or outside of the factory for disposal.
  • Creates a clean, neat environment and saves substantial labor costs.
  • Each system is custom designed for a specific facility.

 Low Maintenance

The Turbo 3D system’s simple design requires minimal maintenance that significantly reduces downtime.

 System Variables

  • Available in 100, 150, 200 or 250 mm diameters.
  • Each system custom designed up to a maximum length of 180 meters.
  • Performs 3-dimensional routing in any direction.
  • Additional options available. Contact LNS for details.

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