Cyclonic Coolant Filtration

By incorporating a cyclonic coolant filtration kit, manufacturers can substantially extend coolant life, reduce new coolant purchases, and cut coolant disposal costs. The Cyclonic coolant filtration removes fine chips from coolant being processed back to the machine tool coolant tank extending the life of expensive machines, improves overall part quality, extends coolant life and tool life. The filtration process does not use media filters eliminating the need to replace filters and the process to properly dispose of the filters.

Cyclonic coolant filtration kits are suitable for cleaning water soluble coolant with continual polishing. Effluent from the filter can be discharged on a conveyor incline or set up to collect the fines and flow the coolant back to the tank. Cyclonic coolant filtration is ideal for cast iron and aluminium. Filtration kits can be added to a chip conveyor prior to shipping or retrofitted in the field.

Cyclonic Filtration Kits Include:

  • Properly sized pump
  • Valve to control pump flow
  • Pressure gage for input side
  • 1 to 3 cyclonic filters (depending on kit)
  • Filter manifold
  • Pressure gage for output side
  • Valve to control output pressure
  • Hoses and fittings
Filtration Kits
Tank Size
Number of
Cyclonic Filters
CT 20
100 Gallons
CT 40
200 Gallons
CT 60
300 Gallons


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