Venturi Pump

Every machine tool application accumulates coolant in the chip hopper. Coolant cycling through machining processes into a chip hopper is merely thrown away during chip hopper clean-out or drained prior to emptying the hopper. Chip hoppers sometimes accumulate more coolant than chips requiring clean-out before the container is entirely full of chips. Cleaning a chip hopper is a messy process, time consuming, and adds to the machining process cost.

The Venturi Pump eliminates coolant accumulation in chip hoppers.  Coolant is continuously reclaimed from the chip hopper drawing it back to the machine tool tank during machining processes.  Eliminating coolant accumulation in the chip hopper allows machining processes to run longer, less mess during chip hopper clean-out, and reduces cost by recycling coolant.  The coolant collector and pipe are easily extracted from the chip hopper during the chip hopper clean-out process. 

How the Process Works:

LNS Venturi Pump Installation Kit

Complete kits are ready to be installed and user-friendly.

Kits Include:

  • Nipple from machine tool side pump (pump not supplied) to a T
  • Nipple from T to a stop valve
  • Hose barb from stop valve to 1” feed hose
  • 1” feed hose to hose barb
  • Hose barb to Venturi
  • Venturi
  • Clamp housing for Venturi
  • 8mm nylon hose from Venturi to tank
  • Pickup device
  • 6mm nylon hose from liquid pickup to Venturi
  • 40” pvc pipe to keep chips away from pick up while in the hopper

3 nipples and T’s are included to accommodate pump outlet sizes ¾”, 1” and 1-1/4”. Depending on the pump the T will connect to, one of the 3 nipples and T’s will be used.


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