Alpha 552 Bar Feed

A highly affordable bar feed solution for automatically loading long bars with 5 mm to 52 mm diameters into fixed and sliding headstock lathes. The Alpha 552 bar feed's heavy-duty construction reduces vibration in the cutting area to ensure accurate, reliable bar loading so machine tools operate at optimum RPM.


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Specifications Alpha 552 Bar Feed
Diameter 0.20'' - 1.85'' (5 - 47mm)
0.20'' - 2.047'' (52 mm) max. with bar preparation
Bar length 12'
Loading system Lateral
Loading capacity 11.8'' (300 mm)
Loading side Front/rear, Left or right
Headstock type Fixed
Retraction Z 14'' (350 mm)
Max. remnant length 17.7'' (450 mm)
Partial changeover 3 min (in the same channels)
Total changeover 8 min (for all guiding elements)
Front rest Manual
Bar selection Manual
Motor Servo
Drive Chain
Guiding Hydrodynamic / Bearings
Oil ISO 100 14 Gallons
Weight 2,680 lbs

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