GT 112-E Bar Feed

The LNS compact solution to automatically load small diameter bar stock into sliding headstock lathes with bar diameter capacity up to 1, 3, 4, 7, 10, or 12 mm. The GT 112-E is designed to withstand production processes running at optimum RPMs. An easy loading spiral feed magazine tray ensures consistent loading of the smallest bar stock. One dual U-shaped guiding channel selection covers the entire range of the turning machine. Servo driven, with headstock synchronization system to ensure reliable operation of small diameter bars.

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Specifications GT 112-E Bar Feed
Diameter .031" - 1/2" (0.8 mm - 12.7 mm)
Bar length 12'-2" or 6'-6"
Loading capacity 30 pieces - 7 mm and under
15 pieces over 7 mm
Loading side Front or Rear
Headstock type Sliding
Headstock synchronization Electro-mechanical
Partial changeover 2 minutes
Complete changeover 10 minutes
Motor Servo
Weight 1,130 lbs

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