Hydrobar Sprint S3 Bar Feed

The Sprint S3 bar feed offers rugged construction and precise bar feeding, Hydrobar Sprint S3 bar feed provides high performance turning of bar stock diameters ranging from ½” to 3 – 1/8”. Ideal for large production runs, this automatic, magazine barfeeder uses patented hydrostatic support within the bearing blocks so machine tools can operate at optimum RPM without vibrations.

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Specifications Hydrobar Sprint S3 Bar Feed
Diameter ø 1/2'' - 3-1/8'' (10-80 mm)
Bar length 3m/12'/4m 129.9” / 149.6” / 165.4” (3300/3800/4200 mm)
Loading system Floor load rack
Loading capacity 27-1/2'' (698.5 mm)
Loading Front / rear
Headstock type Fixed
Total changeover 15 min (for all guiding elements)
Motor Pneumatic
Drive Chain
Guiding Hydrostatic bearings

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