Sprint 565 S2 Bar Feed

The Sprint 565 S2 bar feed is an automatic, magazine bar loader that enables medium- to large-scale production runs. Sprint 565 S2 12' foot bar feed flawlessly loads bar stock diameters from 5 mm to 65 mm.

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Specifications Sprint 565 S2 Bar Feed
Diameter ø 1/4'' - 2-1/2'' (5-65 mm)
Bar length 12' (3658 mm)
Loading system Chain load rack
Loading capacity 9 barstocks
Loading Front / rear
Headstock type Fixed
Synchronisation PLC / Servo-motor
Partial changeover 1 min (in the same bearing elements / with remnant retract option)
Total changeover 10 min (for all guiding elements)
Motor Servo
Drive Notched belt
Guiding Hydrostatic bearings


Remnant rectract 18'' max. length (457.2 mm)
Lower horizontal rack magazine 25'' (635 mm)

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