Alpha SL65 S Bar Feed

An entry-level alternative for feeding spindle-length bar stock, Alpha SL65 S is perfect for simple applications such as standard production parts, and for medium to large production runs.







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Specifications Alpha SL65 S Bar Feed
Diameter 1/4” through 2-5/8” (6-67 mm)
Bar length (limited to headstock length) 12" - 61" (300-1550 mm) not to exceed overall length of spindle
Loading system Side load rack
Loading capacity 26" (660 mm)
Loading Rear
Headstock type Fixed
X axis retraction 12" (300 mm)
Optional Z axis retraction 23” (600 mm)
Diameter set up 5 mins (manual)
Total changeover Less than 8 minutes
Motor Servo
Drive Notched belt

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