Blaze Air Unloader

Ideal for bar feeding applications using twin spindle or sub-spindle machines with thru-hole, Blaze Air Unloader automatically removes parts through the back of the secondary spindle after both ends have been machined. This continuous, automatic unloading of parts substantially increases production efficiency while enhancing operator safety. Additionally, Blaze Air is easily integrated into automated production cells.

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Specifications Blaze Air Unloader
Extremely high speed unloading of parts 2 - 3 seconds
No collets required – vacuum is used for unloading
Complete changeover in 5 minutes or less
Minimal floor space required 70" x 50" (1778 x 1270 mm)
PLC controlled
Easy-to-operate controls with message display
Unload tray capacity
Sturdy, reliable design
Front or rear unload tray available for right or left headstock machines
Bar capacity 1/8" to 3" diameter (3.2 to 76mm)
Bar length capacity 2" to 36" (51 to 914 mm) or 2" to 48" (51 to 1219 mm)
Shipping weight 1600 lbs. (726 Kg)