LNS America

At LNS, satisfying customers means more than delivering a quality product. It means ensuring that all LNS equipment operates flawlessly when matched to the appropriate machine tool. It also means that installation of both the machine tool and its LNS accessories will be seamless, and that the LNS equipment will enhance the machine tool’s ability to deliver optimum performance. To achieve these goals, LNS works closely with the leading machine tool OEMs, their distributors and systems integrators to understand the constantly changing challenges they and their customers face. In this way, LNS pioneers new technologies, product refinements and support systems that pay off in improved productivity and profitability for all.

Facts and figures

2015 Creation of LNS Japan

2012 Deployment of a laboratory dedicated to innovation

         Acquisition of LNS Yoshida (Japan)

2010 Acquisition of LNS Fox,

         Italy-based air filtration manufacturer

2009 Opening of LNS Turkey

2008 Opening of a new factory in China

2005 Launch of the Japan Business Development Team

2003 Acquisition of Fedek Machine Co.

2003 Centralisation of European production in Orvin

2002 Acquisition of Turbo Systems Inc.

2001 Opening of the manufacturing center in China

2000 Participation in Fedek Machine Co.

1992 Opening of LNS United Kingdom

1990 Opening of LNS France and LNS Automazione

1984 Opening of LNS America

1975 Launch of the Hydrobar technology

1973 Creation of LNS Orvin / Switzerland



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