See how LNS helps improve CNC machine performance and hear why customers partner with LNS 


LNS North America’s partnership and machine-tool peripherals contribute to Acero Precision’s profitability.


Precision Tooling Company Embraces IIoT to Meet Customer Needs & Reduce Cost-Per-Part

American Punch Co. (Euclid, Ohio), a punch and die supplier for both heavy-gauge stamping markets like construction and smaller-gauge markets like automotive, has to stay apace with its customer base. This has meant shifting from large-volume production to effectively machining smaller runs with shorter turnaround times in order to meet just-in-time delivery orders demanded by its customers’ implementation of lean strategies. As one would expect, adapting to these demands has created its own set of challenges, including finding ways to keep costs down despite the potential for increased labor involvement.



Communications Between Turning Machine and Bar Feeder Reduces Material and Labor Costs

Outsourcing production of critical parts was putting a crimp in Gilson Company’s plans to move from strictly distributing products made by other companies, to making and selling some of their own. Machining these parts in-house required taking their first steps into the worlds of automation and the Industrial Internet of Things.



LNS America Oil Mist Collection Improves Employee Health and Safety

Just as we now know that smoking is bad for you, it follows that inhaling the particles produced in the machining process is not healthy either, says Tony Staub, president Staub Machine Company. To protect his employees’ health, Mr. Staub needed to filter the coolant vapors produced by machine tools in his Hamburg, New York machine shop.



LNS America Increases Productivity By 30% With Express Bar Feeds

Implant Direct, LLC designs and manufactures application-specific dental implants and prosthetics sold directly to qualified dentists. The company is the brainchild of implant pioneer Dr. Gerald Niznic, who invested two years with his team of engineers and manufacturing specialists to develop a technologically advanced line of implant products and a unique facility to produce them.



LNS America Express Bar Feeds Help Fitze Engineers Win The Race For Productivity

The engineers and machinists of Fitze Engineers, a high-precision CNC machining company in Newtown Square Pennsylvania, know a thing or two about racing. One of their top customers is Penske Racing and, as Fitze CEO Michael Fitzgerald puts it, “When your product is a $2500 Formula One shock absorber, not only is it critical that the parts be machined to the exacting tolerances that Penske demands, it’s also important that they look fantastic!”



LNS America Quick Load Servo S3 Automatic Bar Feeds Enable Unattended Operation, Reduce Manufacturer’s Labor Hours From 168 to 4!

A-Line Tech (Binghamton, NY), a diversified automotive industry supplier, was concerned that it could lose a major contract for proprietary fastener components to cheaper, offshore competitors. Company President Alex Boyce and his production team recognized that the only way to remain competitive in the new manufacturing world order was to reduce the heavy labor costs associated with their process.



LNS America Supplier Teamwork Improves Press Manufacturing Productivity by 90%

When people and their companies unite behind a common goal amazing things can happen. This is true in any realm of human endeavor, not the least of which is manufacturing. We’re often faced with complex machining challenges, time-intensive processes and relentless economic realities that require us to drive down part and product costs



LNS America 100 Alpha Bar Feeders Help Shop Improve Productivity

A successful contract manufacturer that specializes in making large volume, high-precision products for medical, automotive, defense and many other industries recently faced a new challenge. The North America-based company made a product with a very long run rate for one long-time customer. The machining process took 4 – 6 hours per bar, which meant that the existing gravity-style bar feeders were adequate to load the 12-foot bar stock. 



LNS America Quick Load Servo S3 Plumbing Products Manufacturer Realizes 25%+ Increase in Productivity with Automatic, Short Load Bar Feeder

John Sandvik, Manufacturing Engineering Manager for Symmons Industries, Inc., (Braintree, MA) admits he was skeptical about replacing his 12-foot bar feeders with an automatic, short load system. “Frankly, we doubted that the short-load bar feed could perform as well as they (LNS America, Inc.) claimed. Plus, we weren’t set up to efficiently cut our own bar stock and our suppliers weren’t anxious to do it for us.”



Small Swiss Shop a Big Winner with LNS Alpha 12-Foot Bar Feeder

Jeff Bonner’s Micro Swiss Corporation is a self-described “very small Swiss CNC machine shop” located in Naples Florida. The company specializes in making high-precision parts for a number of products including medical instruments, implants and other healthcare-related items.