Enhanced Hydrobar Express 220 S2

The Enhanced Hydrobar Express 220 S2 Reliably Loads

12-Foot, Small Diameter Bar Stock Hydrobar Express 220 S2 Bar Feed

The LNS Hydrobar Express 220 S2 automatic, magazine bar feeder faultlessly loads 12’ long bars with diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm and, with bar preparation, up to 26 mm to accommodate 20 mm machines with 26 mm bar capacity.

The new bar feeder uses a simple loading assistance design for small diameter bars with a proprietary, automatic loading mechanism and bar selection system to precisely and consistently load small bars, especially in the 2 mm to 4 mm diameter range, without failure.

Built on the proven Hydrobar Express 332 S2’s rigid platform, Hydrobar Express 220 S2 provides exceptional vibration damping, quick changeovers and a host of exclusive features that improve productivity and reduce production costs, including:

  • Standard, high-capacity, 240 mm wide magazine tray and optional extended capacity magazine tray for unattended and lights-out production.
  • Patented, high-speed, headstock synchronization system that meets the requirements of today’s sliding headstock machines.
  • Sturdy, fully automatic, 6” hydrostatic front stabilizer that eliminates residual vibration between the bar feeder and the lathe.
  • A prompting, hand-held HMI with touch screen for easier operation.
  • The latest servo drive and PLC technologies.
  • Ethernet readiness with a 500 parts library that reduces changeover time and material waste.
  • Optional, proprietary retraction system that facilitates easier maintenance and provides the ability to perform non-guide bushing applications.


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