LNS GT 112-E Bar FeedEconomical Magazine Bar Feeder Precisely Loads Bar Diameters as Small as 0.8 mm into Sliding Headstock Lathes

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The new GT 112-E automatic magazine bar feeder is ideal for sliding headstock machines running unattended or lights-out production using small bar stock with diameters from 0.8 mm to 11 mm (12.7 mm with bar preparation).

A dual U-shaped guiding channel with a patented sectional guiding channel cover, combined with a self-centering bar clamping system matches the entire diameter range of the lathe. The single pitch screw magazine keeps very small bars separated for consistent and reliable bar loading.

Setup takes two minutes or less by inputting bar diameter, feed out length and guiding element diameter into the prompting, handheld, touch screen remote control (HMI). The bar feeder then automatically sets pushing torque, forward speed and feeding length.Two GT 112-E  versions are available, one for 12’-2” bars and another for 6’-6” bars. Both units have compact designs that take up less floor space.

Other features include:

  • Electro-mechanical headstock synchronization of bar stock
  • LNS safety joint pipe spindle reduction system that completely contains the bar and eliminates the need for spindle liners
  • Magazine tray holds up to 30 bars with 7 mm diameter and under, and 15 bars over 7 mm
  • Optional 400 mm Z-axis bar feeder retraction system allows easy maintenance access 

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