Newly Redesigned Oil/Coolant Mist Collector
Easier to Install & Maintain     FOX WS2 Oil Coolant Mist Collector

The Fox WS 2 Series oil/coolant mist collectors efficiently and reliably remove oil/coolant mist, smoke and other fine aerosols and particulates from CNC machines to provide a healthier workplace, reduce absenteeism and lower HVAC costs.

The five models with capacities from 170–1250 CFM enable users to properly match all machine sizes, types and processes that use water-soluble, synthetic or neat oil coolants, with or without high pressure delivery systems.

All models exceed OSHA and NIOSH clean air requirements, have a patented, 3-stage filtration system that guarantees optimum filter life, and accept an optional 4th-stage modular HEPA filter when the application warrents the removal of  99.97% cutting oil smoke particles and other fine aerosols and particulates. The long-life filters can be easily replaced in just 15 minutes.


Click here to read how oil mist collection improves employee health and safety.

FOX WS 2 Oil/Coolant Mist Collector Enhancements Include:


  • A redesigned, V-shaped floor that makes it easier to drain accumulated liquids and keeps them away from the pre-filter, thus extending its life.

WS2 Oil Coolant Mist Collector


  • Installation is now easier and more versatile with a suction inlet port that can be mounted either left or right to accommodate all machines and fit within tight spaces.

WS2 Oil Coolant Mist Collector


  • New, dual air pressure gauges that monitor pre- and final filters so users can maintain peak airflow at all times.

WS2 Oil Coolant Mist Collector 

  • There are also new mounting stands available, including a 28” tall stand on wheels and a 6’ tall vertical stand.

WS2 Oil Coolant Mist Collector


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